The Vermont Climate Action Project

Moose Family in Fall by  Roger Irwin

Moose Family in Fall by Roger Irwin

Most Vermonters accept the scientific consensus that climate change is happening and that human activity is a major contributor. Many Vermonters view climate change as the biggest challenge that mankind faces and want to do something about it.

Some Vermonters prioritize reducing our emission of greenhouse gases above all else. They argue that the reductions promised by energy developers justify aggressive development regardless of its impacts upon the environment and despite its impacts on their fellow Vermonters.

Energy development that is too aggressive poses a triple threat to effective climate action:

  1. It can degrade our defenses against climate impacts and exacerbate many of the dangers we seek to avoid.

  2. It can result in energy projects that are ineffective at emissions reduction.

  3. It can lead to disillusionment about climate action, undermining public support of all efforts, regardless of their effectiveness.

The Vermont Climate Action Project is an exploration of climate action alternatives available to Vermonters—actions that can be carried out at the state, community, and household level. The project is a work in progress and we invite you to participate by sending us your suggestions.

It is our view that all climate action must adhere to a single core principle: respectrespect for the environment, sound economics, and community values.

We present five steps, which represent broad categories of rational, effective climate action.

Our core principle: Respect for

the environment,

Sound economics, and

community values.

Photo by William Alexander

Photo by William Alexander


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