The People of Lowell

The proposed wind project in Lowell, Vermont will impact many Vermonters throughout the Northeast Kingdom and beyond. Below are a collection of videos submitted to us from people in the surrounding area. In each of the videos, Vermonters most likely to be impacted by the project express their concerns.


Jack Brooks

Jack Brooks lives next to the project border in Eden Mills, VT with his family of four. His family has owned the property for nine years, has resided there for the last four and if the project is built, they would have an unobstructed view of the turbines. Brooks owns the startup Laughing Brooks Farm and Forest on the property, an inn and wilderness retreat. The business relies on tourists seeking a remote area to experience the wilderness, something Brooks feels will no longer be possible if the turbines are built. In the first video below Jack gives a tour of his property. In the second Jack sits down at home to answer many questions about how the turbines will impact his life.

Jack Brooks Tours Laughing Brooks Farm & Forest from Energize Vermont on Vimeo.

Jack Brooks gives a tour of his property and talks about his plans for the land. He also expressed concern for what will happen if the proposed Lowell wind turbines are built.


Jack Brooks Interview from Energize Vermont on Vimeo.

Jack Brooks sends a video message to the Public Service Board and answers questions about how he feels about the proposed Lowell wind project.


Robbin Clark

Robbin Clark lives on Irish Hill Road in Lowell, VT. Her home and business is just a short distance from the wind project site. She and her husband Stephan have built two businesses on their land, a horse boarding stable and a butcher shop. She is concerned that the project will not only impact their home, but potentially their livelihood.

Part 2


Kevin McGrath

Kevin lives just down the hill from the project site. He has concerns that the project will impact his land, but also that it is not in the best interest of Vermont.


Tyler Mason

Tyler Mason is a Vermonter, Native American, and Woodsman, he is concerned about the consequences of Green Mountain Power’s proposed Lowell Wind Project.

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