Citizens Energy Waitsfield Conceptual Project Map

Aug 12, 2010 No Comments by

Attached is a rough map of where the proposed Citizens Energy project would be along the Waitsfield, Moretown, and Northfield lines. You can download it here.

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Valley Reporter: Consider the larger context

Aug 04, 2010 No Comments by

Reposted here from the Valley Reporter. Consider the larger context Written by Ben Luce Aug 05, 2010 at 12:00 AM As a longtime advocate of renewable energy, including wind power in open agricultural regions, but also as someone deeply concerned about the impacts of wind development to ecosystems here in Vermont, I would like to […]

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Valley Reporter Opinion: Northfield Ridge is Not the Appropriate Site

Jul 23, 2010 No Comments by

Written by David and Avril Howe Find the original article at the Valley Reporter. We can all agree on the urgency to develop and use more renewable energy sources in this country. However, in our opinion, the Northfield Ridge is not the appropriate site for a utility-scale, industrial wind turbine installation.

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Valley Reporter Opinion: A Clear Community Standard

Jul 23, 2010 No Comments by

Written by Drew Simmons Find original at the Valley Reporter. In recent coverage of the Northfield Ridge wind farm proposal, there have been some generalizations made regarding the stance of the Waitsfield Planning Commission and not all of them have been accurate. Our current position is as much about process as it is about reaction […]

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Waitsfield’s Northfield Ridge Hypothetical Google Earth Overlay

Jul 01, 2010 No Comments by

What would 20 wind turbines rated 3 MW look like on the Northfield Ridge in Waitsfield? With Google Earth loaded on your computer, download the attached file and click on it.

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Wind farms and the law of unintended consequences

Jun 28, 2010 No Comments by

Wind farms and the law of unintended consequences Written by Bob Messner May 27, 2010 at 12:00 AM As Waitsfield and the rest of The Valley consider the current (and no doubt more in the future) wind farm proposals, serious thought must be given to the unintended consequences of these well-meaning ideas. We all need […]

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PC urged to “create a path” for wind farm developers

May 21, 2010 No Comments by

PC urged to “create a path” for wind farm developers Valley Reporter Written by Lisa Loomis May 20, 2010 at 11:10 AM For almost three hours, residents, planners, elected officials and residents of Waitsfield, Warren and Fayston asked rapid-fire questions of the Citizens’ Wind representatives who came to town to discuss why a wind farm […]

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Waitsfield PC to discuss wind energy on Northfield Ridge

Apr 29, 2010 No Comments by

Written by Lisa Loomis, Apr 29, 2010, A look at how alternative energy systems are permitted by the state: When the Vermont Public Service Board permits the installation of alternative energy systems, the review process is relatively simple. Applicants fill out a form explaining the location, size and specifics of their proposed system. Anyone […]

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