Burlington Free Press: Vermont solar projects cross party lines

Oct 21, 2010 No Comments by

Article reposted here from the Burlington Free Press. You can find the original here. By Terri Hallenbeck, Free Press Staff Writer FERRISBURGH — In a field just outside Vergennes, where cows used to graze, steel brackets are sprouting up. Soon, those steel foundations will be covered by some 4,000 solar panels, arched toward the sky […]

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The Operation & Maintenance Costs of Wind Power

Oct 18, 2010 No Comments by

Below is an press release from the wind industry group, Wind Energy Update. It is a promotional release for an up-coming conference, but it includes some interesting figures about the real costs of operating and maintaining utility scale wind turbines.

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The Finances of Wind in Vermont

Oct 05, 2010 No Comments by

One of the most commonly asked questions about utility scale wind in Vermont is how much money developers stand to make and how do they finance their projects. Below we aim to keep a running collection of documents that seek to answer these questions. No comprehensive review has been established as often the sources of […]

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Poor Families Can Go Solar Too, In California At Least

Sep 23, 2010 No Comments by

“Sustainability” is often thought of as an environmental buzz word, but when you delve into actual sustainability theory, you quickly find the idea that it’s really about a proper balance between environmental needs, economic needs, and social equity. A program in San Diego I just found out about looks like it nails this balance.

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WSJ: Power Investing

Sep 14, 2010 No Comments by

There’s a lot of money to be made—and lost—in the energy markets. Here’s what you need to know. By LIAM DENNING . For investors, the energy business used to be a pretty simple play: Buy a stock and stick with it.

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Governor Douglas on Industrial Wind in Vermont

Sep 03, 2010 No Comments by

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas was a guest on VPR this past week. In response to a call-in phone question he had the following to say about Industrial wind in Vermont. You can also play the clip below.

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Video: Community Council on the Climate Crisis

Sep 02, 2010 No Comments by

Below is a video of a community television show entitled “Community Council on the Climate Crisis” as they address the topic of solar power in Vermont with guest Annette Smith from Vermonters for a Clean Environment. Community Council on the Climate Crisis #3 from Theo Talcott on Vimeo.

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VBM: Growth With A Mission: Dorothy and Jeffrey Wolfe of groSolar

Aug 27, 2010 No Comments by

Article reposted here is originally from Vermont Business Magazine. Tue Aug 17 2010 Author: Joyce Marcel America’s oil crisis in the Seventies shone a spotlight on the growing need for renewable energy sources, including water, sunlight and wind. The need inspired two starry-eyed mechanical engineers who graduated Cornell University in 1982.

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