The House Map is Turning Green

Jan 13, 2016 No Comments by

Fifty-two of Vermont’s 104 House districts now include a town in the Vermont Energy Rebellion. Many districts include more than one Rebellion Town. Does your House member represent a Rebellion Town? Get a copy of the map and send it to her or him. Visit Energize Vermont’s House Rebellion page:

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How will the Vermont Energy Rebellion affect the 2016 elections?

Jan 09, 2016 No Comments by

The Vermont Energy Rebellion will be an important factor in Vermont’s 2016 elections. The rebellion has been underway for several years, but it has spread like wildfire since the 2015 enactment of Vermont’s new energy law, Act 56 (better known as RESET). RESET might have been hailed as a triumph if it had engaged Vermont […]

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Calais Signs Rutland Resolution

Dec 31, 2015 No Comments by

With its signing of the Rutland Resolution, calling for reform of Vermont’s energy-siting policies, Calais becomes the 76th Vermont town to join the Energy Rebellion. Learn more about Vermont’s Energy Rebellion.

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Caledonia-3 Becomes the 50th House District with a “Rebellion Town”

Dec 30, 2015 No Comments by

St. Johnsbury’s Selectboard adopted a resolution calling for reform of Vermont’s energy-siting policies. Its House district, Caledonia-3, becomes the 50th House district that includes a town in the Vermont Energy Rebellion.

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St. Johnsbury Joins the Vermont Energy Rebellion

Dec 30, 2015 No Comments by

The St. Johnsbury Selectboard voted unanimously to adopt a resolution calling for the Vermont Legislature to reform the state’s energy-siting policies. St. Johnsbury becomes the 75th Vermont town to join the rebellion. Visit Energize Vermont’s Energy Rebellion page.

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Forty-nine House districts include at least one “Rebellion Town.”

Dec 29, 2015 No Comments by

Yesterday we noted that the Town of Townshend had signed on to the Rutland Resolution, thereby joining the Vermont Energy Rebellion. The resolution calls for the Legislature to grant towns a meaningful role in energy siting proceedings. Townshend is in the Windham-5 House District, which becomes the 49th House district to include a town in […]

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Degrading Our Defenses Against Climate Change

Nov 25, 2015 No Comments by

In the past few weeks, two of the architects of Governor Shumlin’s energy policies acknowledged that the policies will have no impact on climate change. They disclosed, in separate interviews, that the purpose of the policies is economic development and not climate change mitigation. They neglected to disclose that these economic development policies will actually […]

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Shove It Down Their Throats

Oct 09, 2015 No Comments by

Vermont has adopted some ambitious energy goals. The state could have engaged its communities in achieving these goals, but it did not. Instead, it has turned things over to energy developers, many of whom are running roughshod over our communities. They are poisoning the well of public opinion, turning community after community against renewable energy […]

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