Vermont’s Energy Options

Energize Vermont is a non-profit organization that advocates for renewable energy solutions that are in harmony with the character of the state and its people. Proposed utility scale wind projects threaten to have severe impacts on our health, environment and economy. Please take a moment to learn more about why utility scale wind is wrong for Vermont, and how we believe efficiency and solar are better fits. You can see a summary of our position in this recent release or review the materials below.

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Learn More about Impacts from Utility Scale Wind

Wind in Vermont defaces ridgelines, creates habitat fragmentation and threatens headwater streams

Operation in Vermont and elsewhere creates health impacts on humans and animals

Solar & Efficiency are a Better Fit for Vermont

Vermont’s solar resource is 500 times larger than its wind resource, plus solar has less aesthetic impacts, and is distributed in nature

99% of Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation fuel and heating oil, not electricity generation

5-Steps to Take Action

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