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Vermont Energy Rebellion News–Vermont Senate


Forty-eight percent of Vermonters live in a Rebellion Town.

Ten Senate districts have significant Rebellion Town populations; eight have majority Rebellion Town populations


The Kitchel Amendment

On May 15, 2015, Senator Jane Kitchel (D-Caledonia) proposed an amendment to bill H.40 (also known as RESET) that would have given Vermont cities and towns a modest increase in their influence over the siting of industrial wind turbines.

The amendment would have required the Public Service Board (the people who make energy decisions for Vermont) to give town plans “substantial deference” instead of “due consideration.” Observers of the PSB report that “due consideration” is tantamount to “no consideration.”

The Kitchel Amendment was defeated, on a roll call vote, 19 to 10.

As a result, Vermont has energy goals that the state will try to meet without the consent or cooperation of its municipalities. This is one of the causes of the Vermont Energy Rebellion.

Here are the results of the roll call vote on the Kitchel amendment.