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With S.230 Veto, Shumlin Makes Good on Speaker’s Promise. (Press release, June 6, 2016)–Legislative response will be instructive for voters

Degrading Our Defenses Against Climate Change. ( November, 2015)–We need to get beyond the dangerous delusion that we can reverse climate change and begin the serious business of preparing for it.

Shove It Down Their Throats. ( October, 2015)–Energy developers are poisoning the well of public opinion, turning community after community against renewable energy.

Vermont’s Energy Scofflaws. ( August, 2015)–Having the playing field tilted sharply in their direction isn’t enough for some energy developers: they have to cheat too.

RESET Will Save $275M? Not So Fast. ( March, 2015)–Claims that the complicated RESET program will save Vermonters $275M are greatly exaggerated.

Big Wind’s Public Relations Problem (October, 2014)–A new WCAX poll shows public support for wind plummeting from 66% in 2013 to 50% now.

A Moral Response to Climate Change (September, 2014) — By GMP’s own reckoning, over 20 years, the Lowell turbines will offset fewer than 10 days of carbon emissions from New York City traffic.

Eolian-A History of Failure (August, 2014) —Eolian’s website says, “We are committed to engaging and listening to stakeholders.” Their track record in Vermont suggests otherwise.

The Wrong Prescription for Net Metering (August, 2014) — Some people believe that wind complements solar—that if the sun isn’t shining, the wind must be blowing. This idea is not supported by Public Service Department data.

Vermont’s Rumsfeld Strategy (July, 2014) — Vermont’s approach to combating climate change might have been designed by Donald Rumsfeld. We are bombing the wrong targets.

Vermont Blames the Victims (June, 2014) — Blaming turbine neighbors for their illnesses is not the sole province of the greedy, insensitive, and mean-spirited. It’s state policy.