Community Energy Initiatives

Energize Vermont seeks to foster community oriented energy projects as often as possible. We currently maintain three initiatives to help promote community solar projects throughout the state of Vermont.


Rutland County Community Solar Project

We have proposed  a group-net metered 150kw installation in Rutland County. A site has been identified, and we are in the process of securing it for this purpose. This project will allow community members to own the installation, get the benefits of renewable energy, and receive a credit for production on their monthly utility bill. All benefits of this project will flow to those that participate in it. If you are interested in being involved in this project we are looking for both investors and volunteers.

Community Solar Group Net-Metered Model Development

In tandem with our efforts to develop a community-scale group-net metered installation in Southern Vermont, we are developing a unique legal structure that allows for Vermont residents and second home owners to participate in group-net metered installations. Our goal is take this model and make it “cookie cutter” so it can be replicated with ease throughout the state’s communities.

Community Solar Communication Facilitation

Energize Vermont maintains a state-wide community solar related mailing list and facilitates dialogue and communication between all the potential projects throughout the state. If you are interested in joining this group let us know!