Collaborative Energy Development

Vermont has adopted ambitious energy goals that will require the siting of small, distributed electricity-generation facilities in virtually every town in the state.

Governor Shumlin has turned the achievement of our goals over to developers who are building energy projects in a manner that suits them—not in a manner that respects our communities, protects our environment, or promotes system reliability.


Location, Location, Location

Christine Hallquist, CEO of the Vermont Electric Cooperative, says, “Generation in the right place is helpful; generation in the wrong place is hurtful.”

In order to make sure that we  build generation in the right places, improve system reliability, serve our communities, and meet our goals, Vermont’s energy development program must be turned over to our towns and the utilities that serve them.

Governor Shumlin’s coercive energy development policies have sparked a Vermont Energy Rebellion that has been joined by over a hundred cities and towns. His program is turning people from town after town against renewable energy development. Governor Shumlin’s program will fail.

Can we achieve our goals if cities and towns are driving the effort? Absolutely. In fact, this is the only way we will meet our goals.


Collaborative Energy Development Resolution

On February 4, 2016, the Newark Planning Commission approved the Newark Collaborative Energy Development Resolution. The resolution declares Newark’s willingness to work with the utilities that serve it to undertake mutually beneficial energy projects. It also requests that the utilities discourage energy projects in Vermont that are not the result of utility collaboration with municipalities.

The resolution will become part of the Newark Town Plan.


Download Example Resolution

You can download an editable version of the resolution for editing, adaptation, and improvement by clicking here.


Add Your Town

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Text of the Newark Collaborative Energy Development Resolution

The Town of Newark pledges to collaborate with the utilities that serve it in order to help them meet their state-mandated energy goals in a manner that serves both the utilities and the town.

In particular, the Town of Newark will work with its utilities to:

• determine how much electricity generation would be appropriate in the town,
• design projects that could help meet state goals and improve reliability,
• identify locations agreeable to landowners, the utilities, and the town,
• facilitate project development by reputable developers, and
• define projects that can help utilities meet the energy transformation goals that were established under Act 56

In addition, Newark requests the utilities that serve it to:

• help to oppose projects proposed for Newark (and other towns) which are not the result of a collaborative process involving the town and
• refuse to purchase power, whenever possible, from projects that have not been the result of a collaborative process involving the host municipality