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Windmill Falls at Fenner Wind Farm

Dec 27, 2009 No Comments by December 27, 2009 Windmill falls at Fenner wind farm Fenner, Madison County (WSYR-TV) – A windmill at the Fenner wind farm has toppled over, Town Supervisor Russell Cary confirmed Sunday morning. The wind farm is owned by Enel North America, based in Massachusetts, and includes 20 windmills. The farm is serviced by a local […]

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How wind energy financing models are changing

Dec 25, 2009 No Comments by

Original Article May 11, 2009 Video: How Wind Energy Financing Models Are Changing by Graham Jesmer, Staff Writer Chicago, United States [] Renewable energy has been one bright spot in the struggling U.S. economy. This is particularly true of wind energy. Earlier this month, the American Wind Energy Association announced that 2.8 gigawatts of generating […]

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Project finance markets return but shun risk

Dec 23, 2009 No Comments by

Original Article December 23, 2009 Project Finance Markets Return but Shun Risk by Richard Baxter, Charles River Associates The renewable energy project market is returning, albeit slowly. Activity in the market seized up during the financial crisis, but some deal-flow has returned with expectations for further gains in 2010. With the resumption of project activity, attention […]

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Chief of Enel argues for unlimited market for carbon offsets

Dec 20, 2009 No Comments by Q&A The Market Solution For Global Warming Andy Stone, 09.21.09, 09:00 PM EDT Chief of Enel argues for unlimited market for carbon offsets. Fulvio Conti Fulvio Conti, chief executive ofEnel, Italy’s largest power utility, says that the U.N. needs to give market forces free rein as it designs the next phase of a global […]

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Any amount of shadow flicker unacceptable

Dec 19, 2009 No Comments by

By TIM BRENNAN Tim Brennan lives in Acushnet. December 06, 2009 12:00 AM As a professional in the design and construction industry, and as someone who has done extensive work with wind turbines and solar panels in the region, I can say that any turbine that would produce flicker on any residence for any amount […]

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Enel Sues Greenpeace over Protests

Dec 09, 2009 No Comments by Enel sues Greenpeace over protests By Guy Dinmore in Rome December 9 2009 Enel, Italy’s largest utility, is seeking more than €1.6m in damages from Greenpeace for alleged losses in electricity production and damage caused by protests launched by the environmental group at Enel’s four coal-fired power stations. Giuseppe Onufrio, executive director of Greenpeace […]

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Article: Better Wind Turbine Technology

Dec 07, 2009 No Comments by Get wind of this By SANDY BAUERS | The Philadelphia Inquirer • Published December 07, 2009 One of the challenges of wind farms today is finding the space to build the towers. They can’t be so close to each other that they interfere with the wind patterns. Now, however, Robert Whittlesey and John Dabiri […]

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