Press Release: Energize Vermont Names Mark Whitworth Executive Director

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Snelling Steps Down, Whitworth to Continue Organization’s Growth

RUTLAND, VT – Energize Vermont is pleased to announce Mark Whitworth has been named its new Executive Director. Whitworth succeeds Lukas B. Snelling who helped establish Energize Vermont as an organization to further the interests of Vermonters who wish to support the development of renewable energy, but who retain their commitment to protect Vermont’s communities and preserve the state’s precious natural resources.

“For the past two years Mark has been responsible for our legislative outreach and policy analysis. He is passionate about the organization’s mission and goals. I know the organization will thrive under his leadership,” said Snelling.

Whitworth, noting that he has big shoes to fill, said, “I look forward to building upon the great work Lukas has done. He has been a voice of reason in the discussion of the state’s response to climate change. He has promoted a smarter, more thoughtful approach to building a sustainable future. He has been a steadfast critic of those who profit by whipping up hysteria while peddling dubious solutions—solutions that destroy our environment and damage our communities.”

He added, “Energize Vermont will continue to advocate for clear thinking on climate and energy issues. We will challenge those who are too cozy with moneyed interests, too wedded to dogma, too prone to bullying, and too quick to dismiss differing points of view as heresy, denial, or creationism. Most of all, we will work to find effective climate and energy solutions that make sense for Vermonters and that can bring our communities together.”

Prior to joining Energize Vermont, Whitworth enjoyed a long career in the computer software industry. After the 9/11 attacks, he developed a suite of software tools to help federal, state, and local officials develop, evaluate, and improve plans for responding to bio-terror attack.

Whitworth is a resident of Newark, and serves on the Newark Planning Commission, NVDA Executive Committee (the NVDA is the Northeast Kingdom’s Regional Planning Commission and Regional Economic Development Corporation), and the Board of Directors of Northeast Kingdom Human Services (the state’s designated mental health agency in the Kingdom).

Snelling is returning to the world of digital media as General Manager of Brave One, a San Francisco-based marketing agency working with mission-driven and socially responsible organizations.

Energize Vermont was created to educate and advocate for establishing renewable energy solutions that are in harmony with the irreplaceable character of Vermont, and that contribute to the well-being of all her people. This mission is achieved by researching, collecting, and analyzing information from all sources; and disseminating it to the public, community leaders, legislators, media, and regulators for the purpose of ensuring informed decisions for long-term stewardship of our communities.

Contact Information:

Lukas Snelling

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