Rutland Herald: Shumlin sacrifices the little guy

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Reposted From The Rutland Herald. June 8, 2013.

The Therrien family of Sheffield would like to extend our sympathies to the Dodge family. Shumlin is good at sacrificing people — he sacrificed ours and other families when he green-lighted industrial wind turbines in Vermont. To hear him say he was acting as a good neighbor and true Vermonter is an insult to every Vermonter.

Mr. Shumlin, please quit using the terms. A true Vermonter turns every stone to help a neighbor. Not scratch out an agreement and offer their own lawyer as counsel, making a sacrifice of a neighbor for their own gain. Being who Shumlin is and his background in the state of Vermont, he knew full well the laws and that Jerry had options.

Shumlin said “with all power comes sacrifice and problems.” Apparently, the same can be said if you are his neighbor and live in Vermont. This is just another example of how Shumlin could care less about the “little guy.” We know because Shumlin has sacrificed us.




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