Dr. Alec Salt: Wind Turbines are Hazardous to Human Health

Nov 03, 2010 1 Comment by

Dr. Alec Salt has recently conducted research on how infrasound, or ultra low frequency sound, from wind turbines effects the human ear. You can see his page to learn more, but one of the most easy to digest and understand pieces is his powerpoint presentation.

Wind turbines such as those currently being constructed in rural areas generate high levels of infrasound noise. This is very low frequency noise (sound waves of less than 20 cycles per second) that you cannot hear. Even though you cannot hear the sound, it is easily detected by the ear at the levels that are produced and can have effects on the body that profoundly disturb some individuals.

The situation is somewhat similar to ultraviolet (UV) light and the eye. We cannot see ultraviolet light but we all understand that it can affect us profoundly, causing sunburn, photokeratitis (also known as snow blindness or welder’s flash) and cataracts. For UV light, there are simple ways that the damaging effects can be avoided using sunscreens and eye protection.

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