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ENERGIZE VERMONT supports locally distributed renewable energy production. This means that we support renewable energy projects where the energy generated is used at, or very near, to the generation source. This reduces the costs and energy loss involved in energy distribution, as well as the impacts on the environment and the community of large scale industrial renewable energy production projects.

The issue of locally generated and distributed renewable energy is particularly critical when it is applied to WIND ENERGY production. Energize Vermont encourages locally produced and consumed wind energy projects. An example of a project that meets this criteria may include a single 150 kilowatt wind turbine placed at a local school, and the energy produced by that turbine is utilized by the school to offset their energy consumed from traditional methods.

For more information on how to incorporate wind energy in to your portfolio, visit some of the links below:

The Vermont Wind Program has assisted schools, municipal and state facilities, and agricultural sites install wind systems. This web site provides wind turbine performance data, links to educational resources, and information on other wind energy programs.

Small Wind Electric Systems (PDF format) is a consumer guide by the US Department of Energy on small, residential-scale wind systems

The Residential Wind Siting Handbook is a guide to siting residential wind turbines published by the Vermont Public Service Board

Small Wind: Is it Right for You is a fact sheet, which provides information about the planning and permitting process for small-scale wind turbines.

Click here for a list of companies compiled by the Vermont Public Service Board providing wind energy generation services in Vermont

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