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ENERGIZE VERMONT supports locally distributed renewable energy production. This means that we support renewable energy projects where the energy generated is used at, or very near, to the generation source. This reduces the costs and energy loss involved in energy distribution, as well as the impacts on the environment and the community of large scale industrial renewable energy production projects.

HYDROPOWER converts the energy from water flow into electricity. Energy is created when the flow of water powers a turbine that generates electricity. The amount of electricity that is generated depends on the amount of “flow” (the vertical drop of water, or volume/water pressure). Hydro-electric energy generation can come from a wide variety of sources, from small stream “micro-hydro” to projects that place turbines inside existing water mains to massive multi-story dams. Each form of generation can be environmentally friendly or harmful, depending on how it is implemented.

For more information on hydropower visit some of the links below:

Click here for a list compiled by the Vermont Public Service Board of companies providing hydro-electric services in Vermont.

Click here for a summary of environmental issues related to hydro-electric development around the country. 

Click here for information on state and federal permitting processes for hydro projects. 

Click here for an interactive guide to responsible hydro development. 

Click here for a criteria used to award hydro projects a “Sustainable” accreditation.

For more information on how to design and build sustainable hydro projects in your community, contact the Low Impact Hydro Institute at (207) 773-8190 or www.lowimpacthydro.org.

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