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ENERGIZE VERMONT supports locally distributed renewable energy production. This means that we support renewable energy projects where the energy generated is used at, or very near, to the generation source. This reduces the costs and energy loss involved in energy distribution, as well as the impacts on the environment and the community of large scale industrial renewable energy production projects.

Vermont is a national leader in the development of community-based biomass systems. Biomass is organic matter from the tissues of plants, and can used to generate heat and electricity.

The most sustainable systems are referred to as co-generation (or co-gen) systems, and are designed primarily to provide heat with a secondary benefit of generating a modest amount of electricity. These systems use locally-produced biomass, usually in the form of trees and timber by-products, and are very efficient. Biomass projects that are primarily designed to generate electricity, on the other hand, require large volumes of biomass, and are often not based on a sustainable model.

There are many systems in use in Vermont, including one at Green Mountain College.

For more information on incorporating biomass into your community’s energy portfolio, visit some of the links below:

The Biomass Energy Resource Center is a leader in the development of sustainable, community-based biomass systems.

Vermont DPS’s role in biomass development

Click here to learn more about wood chip heating in Vermont schools

Click here for information on the North Country Hospital Biomass Combined Heat and Power Demonstration Project

Click here for a list compiled by the Vermont Public Service Board of companies providing biomass energy services in Vermont

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